The majority of US gamers welcome in-game ads

Players do not like traditional ads that spoil the game experience, and they want the ads to be in line with the game theme.
Anzu has published a new study.

Anzu researched a group of American actors. According to the research results, 75% of the players approach the in-game ads positively or neutrally.

According to Anzu, 50% of respondents aged 25 to 44 view in-game ads as “enhancing the gaming experience.” This age group also makes up most advertisers’ main target audience. 78% of players aged 25-44 say it’s okay to see more ads in games.

On the other hand, these ads are not supposed to be “annoying.” Advertisements that harm the game experience, are incompatible with the game’s theme, or are irrelevant are not welcomed by the players.

“Do you think in-game ads improve or decrease the gaming experience?” answers the question.

Ad Recommendations from Users

In the research, Anzu asked participants what they recommend to advertisers. The majority of all age groups said that the ads should be highly relevant. They also stated that the ads should not hurt the gaming experience and should not force the user to do something. Such “bad advertisements” receive a negative reaction from users and significantly reduce interest in advertisements.

51% of respondents aged 25 to 44 said they were motivated when rewarded for clicking the ad. The older audience finds rewarding ads less important, but they prefer them more than other types of ads.

Advertising recommendations from players

Gamers play mostly on mobile platforms

76% of men and 81% of women in the research group stated that they play games on mobile platforms. But many of the players are playing on many platforms instead of a single platform.

Game platforms are preferred by players.

Given that there are approximately 179.2 million players in the US, these figures mean there are close to 140 million mobile players in the market for advertisers.

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