Indieway December is starting

The seventh edition of Indieway, the online business development ecosystem that brings together independent game developers with professionals and investors, will take place on December 17-18.

Organized by the Vardiya Oyun, Esports and Events agency, Indieway brings together independent developers with global and local publishers, investors and experts from the world game industry for the seventh time in December on 17-18 December.

The Indieway business development portal, the first of which was held in February, has more than 1,200 developers, students, faculty, service and service providers among its members.

The December webinar will be held in cooperation with institutions and societies such as the American Consulate, Animation Technologies and Game Development Center (ATOM), Bahçeşehir University Game Lab (BUG), ITU Game Design and Development Club (ITU OTG), Women in Games and Codeo.

By reaching the webinars that will be held through the portal with MeetToMatch, the platform partner of Indieway, to meet with the other teams that develop independent games, to try their games, to exchange ideas, to try your own game and get feedback, to always keep in touch with both speakers and companies and independent developers. You can test your game and announce it to the masses, meet with investors and publishers, and maybe establish collaborations on this path that you are independent.

More than 11 speakers will meet with the audience in the December webinar of Indieway, which has hosted 45 domestic and foreign expert speakers in the past months.

Additionally, you can showcase your game on Indieway by submitting your indie application. Indieway will select up to 30 games that apply to the digital fair. These indies will win company tickets to the event. In the webinar, you will have a 2-minute presentation time to present your play to the community and the judges. 3 games will be selected and announced as the games of the month on the website.

For detailed information and tickets for the Indieway December event, you can visit website.

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