Interact’s partnership with charity: water is a success

Peter Griffin, Head of Brand Partnerships at Interact says, “We are really happy with the results the campaign achieved, especially for such a worthy cause.”
interact charity water
Interact recently carried out a charity campaign with charity:water, which resulted in one in four [27.5%] of players of mobile games Idle Aquarium and Idle Sea Park tapping on the interactive in-game billboards to find out more about the ‘Clean Water Pledge’.

Interact, a pioneering new AdTech platform that offers immersive in-game advertising solutions for brands, announced its innovative new technology raised awareness of the ‘Clean Water Pledge’ by charity: water. The display campaign resulted in hundreds of thousands of impressions, with one in four [27.5%] users tapping on the interactive in-game billboards.

The success of this partnership marks a solid start to the year for Interact. Initially launched in December 2021 by leading video game publisher Playstack, Interact is a new form of advertising technology. Interact seamlessly places brands into games in a non-disruptive way, making them part of the play. Its unique approach makes in-game brand engagement easy, accessible, and relevant to developers, brands, and players.

Interact prides itself on delivering non-intrusive ads that encourage engagement without disrupting gameplay. Building on years of knowledge and game industry experience, Interact’s SDK integrates easily into games, using simple tools to deliver advertising solutions. The expert team works with top brands, building bespoke ads with multiple touchpoints for developers, players, and brands.

The perfect partnership for Idle Aquarium and Idle Sea Park, the charity: water interactive billboards integrated seamlessly into the mobile game in locations like those where they would be seen in real life – such as beside exhibitions. Over 15 days, the billboards were watched for over 180 hours, with an impressive 27.5% of viewers tapping to find out more.

Peter Griffin, Head of Brand Partnerships at Interact, said:

“At Interact, we are passionate about creating campaigns that make brands part of the play – adding to in-game player experience rather than disrupting it. We focus on finding the right brand partnerships and ensuring that our ads make sense, resulting in lifelike experiences in games just like you would see in the real world. We work closely with developers, making it easy for them to integrate our SDK into their games to benefit everyone. Supporting charity: water to deliver in-game ads in Idle Aquarium and Idle Sea Park was a collaboration that just made sense. It fitted so well with the games, and was such a relatable brand for players. We are really happy with the results the campaign achieved, especially for such a worthy cause.”

The charity: water campaign, which was launched in partnership with Walk-In Media to coincide with World Water Day [Tuesday 22 March], saw groundbreaking interactive ads served in Playstack’s Idle Aquarium and Idle Sea Park mobile games. Using cutting-edge new technology from Interact, interactive water-themed billboards were placed in the in-game parks. Players could then click on to learn more about charity: water and the ‘Clean Water Pledge.’

Ellie Scouller, Brand & Communications Senior Manager, charity: water, said:

“It’s been a great experience working with the Playstack team to test this new form of in-game advertising. We’re always looking for innovative and engaging ways to tell more people about the water crisis and our work. There are currently 771million people living without access to clean water, that’s 1 in 10 or ten times the population of the UK. It’s a massive problem but one we know how to fix, we just need more people to help. A big thank you to Playstack for their support of our World Water Day campaign. We look forward to working more with them in the future!”

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