Interpret research shows increased interest from players in NFT

A study of over 1,500 Xbox, PlayStation, and PC gamers shows that 56% are interested in earning NFTs through gaming.
The play-to-earn model continues to rise.

The move to NFTs by big game companies like Ubisoft or Sega has received mixed reactions. Sega mainly listened to the responses from Sonic fans and started research on NFTs. Later, Square Enix did similar work, and the company’s president, Yosuke Matsuda, said they’re investigating how to implement NFTs in the Final Fantasy publisher’s games. EA CEO Andrew Wilson described NFTs as “the industry’s future.” Then he launched his retail store GameStop NFT store.

According to Interpret, while NFTs have come under a variety of criticism, the interest in them is too great to ignore. Interpret recently surveyed 1,500 players from their NFT/crypto gaming panel with over 5,000 members. This group included people with and without NFT, interested or uninterested in the subject. Again, the same group includes Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, mobile, and PC players. According to the data obtained from the survey, 56% of the players are interested in NFTs.

Players’ interest in NFT is increasing.

45% of gamers say they can play a game to have an NFT. Additionally, 53% think that earning NFT through a game is more profitable than buying and selling.

Jesse Divnich, Interpret’s Senior Vice President of Growth and Innovation, said:

“Building a collection is not the major motivator right now. Gamers are not yet viewing NFTs as they would Pokémon cards or collecting a complete set of similar items. Gamers just want to be able to participate in this new business and engagement model.

Currently, becoming an NFT owner is a cumbersome process with numerous steps across multiple systems and programs. Gamers are likely looking to the industry to help create a more streamlined process towards NFT ownership and participation.”

Players think that earning NFT is more profitable than trading.

As a result, it is thought that the play-to-earn model will continue to rise. Many reviewers believe that 2021 is just the beginning of this model. Here, NFTs are seen as cash flow drivers in the market, and they continue to be the center of attention.

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