Invest in Skåne and Game Habitat offer an opportunity to experience the game industry in Sweden

The perfect game development hub is waiting for you.
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Invest in Skåne and Game Habitat offer to experience the gaming industry in Sweden, which has one of the most developing gaming industries in the world. In addition to advancing your planned career within the gaming industry, the offer also allows you to taste the unique beauty of Sweden and discover a whole new culture.

Malmö, a port city on Sweden’s south coast, is currently home to more than 70 game studios and lots of game developer communities. Considering that this number is equivalent to 4.8 more game studios per capita than in London, the offer will be more appealing to those working in the gaming industry.

Malmö is just a 20-minute train ride from Copenhagen and graduates approximately 100 people a year from The Game Assembly. In addition, the Nordic Game Conference, one of Europe’s most prestigious gaming conferences, which is familiar to almost everyone in the gaming industry, takes place regularly every year in Malmö.

There are other important details that can define Malmö as a game development hub. Recently, a number of really cool projects have landed in Malmö: Massive (Ubisoft) have received the rights to Disney’s Star Wars IP to make an open-world game. Massive also recently released their first look at the Avatar game: Frontiers of Pandora. Last but not least, IO Interactive, creators of the Hitman games, have been contracted to make the next generation of 007-games. All of these projects and more can be found in the Malmö games industry. In Malmö, a few studios are actively looking for collaborations and there are also other clusters in the area (non-games related) that want to gamify their products.

Of course, we should not forget that Malmö, besides being a city full of games, also has a very comfortable lifestyle, work and social life balance, a wonderful atmosphere, and delicious coffee.

What does Invest in Skåne offer you?

Invest in Skåne and Game Habitat are pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to explore Sweden’s southernmost region and experience the thriving gaming industry. This pilot project, designed to increase the awareness and visibility of the game industry by bringing together Invest in Skåne and Game Habitat, offers the opportunity to explore both the Swedish gaming industry, the gaming communities in Sweden, and the natural beauty of Sweden. It also sponsors a fully equipped office at DevHub in the center of Malmö, completely free of charge.

Eddie Walker from Whyre Ventures made the following comments on the subject:

“The office space at Game Habitat has been very helpful in raising our profile and networking with all key industry stakeholders in the ecosystem. I must say it’s a very fun and creative environment for working and networking with world-class teams and I highly recommend you give it a try.”

Why Skåne?

In addition to maintaining its vitality in the gaming industry, it is also worth mentioning how Skåne is as a region. Skåne is a region in the south of Sweden that has been called the “center of everything”. Its proximity to Copenhagen Airport, the largest airport in the Scandinavian region, makes Skåne a busy stop.

Skåne alone is part of a dynamic transnational market of over 4 million consumers, but it also acts as an important bridge between the 25 million consumers in Scandinavia and the 125 million consumers in Northern Europe.

Skåne is also described as a cost-effective city. In some cases, the total labor cost has also been found to be 30% to 50% lower in Skåne. The features such as R&D discounts and the absence of withholding taxes make the region more attractive for starting a business. In addition, Skåne ranks second in the world for English skills and tenth in the world for ease of study. With 1.3 million people, Skåne, one of the largest labor markets in all Scandinavian countries, invites those who want to follow the game industry closely and those who plan a career in the game industry with Invest in Skåne.

If you think Skåne might be for you, then you should definitely check out the video below for more detailed information about Skåne and why it might be the perfect place to work!

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