IOX coming virtually this weekend to showcase indies


2020 has been hard on the games industry and it was harder on indie game developers. In support of all the indie game devs, Indie Obscura is digital hosting IOX (Indie Obscura Expo) this weekend. In partnership with Shacknews, the event will be hosted on Shacknews’ Twitch channel. Furthermore, Asteri will be promoting it and HyperX will also support the event with some promotions.

IOX will start tomorrow!

According to a new press release, Indie Obscura Expo will start on the 11th of April at 3pm EST. IOX is an innovative new event making sure that games get the exposure they need in all times and seasons. There’s a “stunning list” of developers on board for the premier event hosted by Greg Burke. There are many highlighted games such as the fast paced 2.5D platformer Revenant’s Reach. And the adventure RPG She Dreams Elsewhere. That’s not all though, there are many different games on the list like Later Daters, Roki, Coffee Talk, Haven, Forgone, Chivalry, Sneaky Ninja, Liberated, Maneater, and more.

Mystic Pillars is one of the games we will see at the event.

After cancellations of many different gaming events like GDC and E3, indie game developers lost a lot of marketing and networking opportunities. For that reason, Greenlit (IO’s parent company) decided to put this together to help indie devs. Also, If you are an independent developer and you want to showcase your game, you can send a private message to Indie Obscura over Twitter.

“There’s already an impressive list of indie games”

Morgan, Editor-in-Chief of Indie Obscura said the following: “I can confirm that IOX already has an impressive list of indie games who’ve agreed to participate, and the list grows longer each day”. We at Mobidictum thank the Indie Obscure team for their efforts to support independent developers during these tough times. Stay safe everyone!

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