ironSource’s ROAS Optimizer gets a major update to provide a better UA strategy

The company intends to assist app developers in obtaining greater scalability and a better optimized in-app UA strategy.

Israel-based ironSource announced a significant update to its ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) Optimizer tool. The new update brings many changes and improvements, including letting users see their campaign outcome over time and readjust manually after receiving valuable data.

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Marketers can see the trends and compare their daily ROAS goals with long-term ROAS performance. Using the ROAS Optimizer also allows app marketers to specify a target ROAS goal. The engine can then drive scale at maximum level while meeting that goal, saving the user from having to handle this task manually.

The tool’s visibility allows users to gain deeper knowledge about their campaign and readjust their UA strategy accordingly. According to ironSource, the tool gets constant updates in order to improve efficiency and provide better assistance and quality for marketers.

Nimrod Zuta, Vice President of Product at ironSource, explained the company’s goals and ambitions in these sentences:

“Automated optimization is key to scaling in today’s competitive UA market, which is why we’ve built numerous optimizers in different areas of our platform, be it for in-app advertising or on-device advertising. We also believe in arming our customers with as much information and visibility as possible, and this combination of automation and transparency is key to how we build our technology. It’s why we’re constantly working on adapting our platform to deliver more data in a way that’s insightful and actionable.”

The company states that this specific update also lets users modify campaigns and optimize their ROAS goals directly on the platform, saving considerable time for marketers.

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