Irreverent Labs raises $40M for MechaFightClub

With the investment, the development process of the NFT game MechaFightClub, in which robot roosters fight, will accelerate.
MechaFightClub is a dystopian universe where robots fight.

Irreverent Labs recently introduced MechaFightClub, where robot roosters fight. The game, which attracted attention after the promotion, brought with its financing 40 million dollars.

Developed under the leadership of industry veteran Rahul Sood, the project will be Irreverent Labs’ first NFT game. Founded in November 2021 by David Raskino and Rahul Sood, the company had recently received its first investment from Andreessen Horowitz, known as a16z. The new funding of $40 million has been disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the details of the funding have yet to be announced.

Irreverent Labs describes MechaFightClub as a cruelty-free play-to-earn game with funny combat sports figures. Robots that can level up in the game are NFTs and can be traded between players. MechaFightClub is set in a dystopian future dominated by extraterrestrial “mechabots.”

MechaFightClub robot. -Similar, but maybe not a rooster?-

The game is on the Solana blockchain and will be released later this year. Rahul Sood says:

“To me, artificially intelligent entertainment being created is super interesting. I think this is where gaming is going. And no one else has done this yet. We’re going to be the first to do it.”

Sood states that they are after a new sense of fun and humor. Emphasizing the name of Irreverent Labs, he adds:

“There’s a reason why we call ourselves Irreverent Labs. We don’t want people to take us seriously and take offense to what we’re doing. We want people to have a sense of humor.”

Some martial arts fans consider this sport to have its own enthusiasm. On the other hand, fighting competitions can bring about relative violence. Digital solutions offer new and safe alternatives to people for this type of entertainment. Who can get hurt in MechaFightClub, where two robot roosters fight?

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