joins the Epic Games Store

by Aysu Burak
Apps On Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store, which is one of the most popular game stores all over the world, is on the road to become an alternative version of Microsoft’s app store as it keeps adding up more games and non-game stores or softwares in itself. is now added on Epic Games Store.

What is and why did they join Epic Games Store? is known as an important open marketplace for indie creators and indie game developers. Originally, the platform helps creators and developers to sell their products. It is stated by itself that the sellers will be able to personalize almost anything about their sales as they will be in charge to decide how they would like to run their sales, how they want to design their profiles and for how much they want to sell their products. In addition to this, there are no requirements for sellers to get their products approved.’s main goal is to help indie developers market their products.

About the reason why they joined in Epic Games Store, states:

“They reached out to us a few months back about how they were exploring adding apps to their store. We thought it was a funny idea, but also a good opportunity to potentially expose a lot more people to, as the EGS has a pretty large audience.”

Which other softwares does Epic Games Store offer to its customers?

Softwares on Epic Games Store

A closer look to the other non-game softwares on Epic Games Store.

Epic Games Store has started to add softwares with one of the most popular and most successful music applications, Spotify. Recently, the company has added an “Apps” section to Epic Games Store’s website which seems like they will be adding more non-game softwares to the Epic Games Store in the future and continuing to support indie developers to grow in their industry.

The list of other softwares on Epic Games Store:

  • KenShape (a software that turns 2D pixel art drawings into high quality 3D models for games or other projects)
  • Krita (a free open source desktop painting software designed for illustrators, concept artists, comic book creators, matte painters, texture artists and animators)
  • Brave (a fast and secure browser that meets gamers’ needs)


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