Jam City will sell their first champions as NFT

Jam City is auctioning off the champions of its upcoming Champions: Ascension game.
Jam City is getting ready to launch its first NFT collection.

Jam City comes with a 10,000 piece NFT collection. Prime Eternals NFT collection will be released soon. The collection includes the first champions of Jam City’s first blockchain game, Champions: Ascension.

The first pieces of the collection will go on sale on February 24, with a unique whitelist. Public sales will take place one day later, on February 25. This collection is an important step for both Jam City and the mobile game industry. Jam City, which makes games for well-known brands such as Harry Potter and Frozen, appears for the first time with a blockchain game and NFT collection.

In the game industry as a whole, the success or failure of Jam City will set an example. If the Prime Eternals NFT collection is successful, the mobile game industry could turn to NFTs at a new and increasing pace. At this point, Jam City says it wants to create a mainstream game.

It has been reported that a team of 50 people is working on the 10,000-piece NFT collection, each of which is unique. Jam City CEO Chris DeWolfe said in a statement:

“We’re starting out with these 10,000 Prime Eternal champions, which are going to be completely unique. And they’re going to be in the form of NFTs. We’re going to be releasing them for a private sale this Thursday. And then Friday, they’re going to be open to the public.”

Each of the items in the Prime Eternals NFT collection will have its own characteristics. Due to the fact that the champions are NFTs, DeWolfe thinks these sales are a “founder’s edition” and are similar to being a partner in the game. On the subject, he adds:

“The Prime Eternals are the center of an evolving metaverse where we initially focus on combat between the different champions, and they can get stronger and stronger. But then that evolves into a much bigger world where there can potentially be new games and real estate and different arenas and different areas where these champions will have come from.”

Prime Eternals NFT can be traded just like any other NFT. Prime Eternals will be available for 0.3 ETH in the whitelist sale to be held on February 24. On February 25, a Prime Eternals price will start at 1 ETH in public sales.

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