Joygame announces investment in London-based Drybrush

Joygame, one of Turkey’s largest free-to-play game platforms, will develop Action-RPG games with Drybrush.
Joygame will support London-based Drybrush.

Joygame announced that it has invested in London-based Drybrush, founded by three Turkish entrepreneurs. Joygame, previously part of Netmarble, is known as a client and web-based free games platform.

The statement made by Joygame on the subject is as follows:

“We will continue to make a difference in the industry by bringing together different talents in Turkey and England with our investment in Drybrush game studio, which three Turkish entrepreneurs brought to life in London.

We focus on producing games that offer profound and long-lasting experiences in our new era. To this end, we aim to develop Action-RPG games with our investment in Drybrush.

We welcome them as part of our partnership with Drybrush. We will continue to run towards our growth targets in the global game industry at full speed by taking part in international markets with the games we have developed together with the studios we have partnered with.”

Founded in 2009, Turkey-based Joygame has the title of being Turkey’s first game company. Reaching millions of players with its different products in the PC, Mobile, and NFT game categories, Joygame aims to offer the entertainment experience with local content to players from all continents. There is no explanation yet regarding the details of the investment.

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