Joystick Ventures set out to fund independent developers

Joystick Ventures was established recently, aiming to provide financial support to independent developers.
Joystick Ventures
Joystick Ventures is among FixFox’s investors.

Independent developers may need support in finance and publishing. Aware of this need, a team founded Joystick Ventures, a new investment company. The new company will financially support promising independent developers and assist with publishing activities.

Joystick Ventures emerged due to the partnership of Xsolla and investor Nazca companies. The recently announced company is currently working with developer Rendlike for the FixFox game, which is scheduled to be released in March 2022.

Xsolla is a payment service and marketing company. At the same time, the company also has publishing activities. Nazca is an investment company. Joystick Ventures will combine Xsolla’s experience in marketing and publishing with Nazca’s financial strength to offer investment and support for indie developers on many issues.

Joystick Ventures Managing Partner Ivan Carrillo describes the company’s goal as follows:

“Like every good partnership, we want to bring what we’re good at to the aid of developers who are good at what they’re good at. We’ve set out to identify the studios we think have a standout IP they’re working on and demonstrate leadership and collaboration skills. Our job is then to provide them with the financial investments and publishing and marketing guidance they need to successfully realise their vision.”

So far, Joystick Ventures has partnered with Hungary-based Primal Game Studio, Spanish team Fictiorama Studios, and Tel Aviv-based Happy Juice Games. Time will tell the fruits of these investments, which are still very new. On the other hand, looking at the developers in the company’s portfolio, we can say that Joystick Ventures is a global investment company.

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