Kaspersky launches a visual novel game to play at work

Kaspersky introduces a fun way to evaluate cybersecurity trainings.
kaspersky video game
Kaspersky launches a video game to increase employees involvement in cybersecurity trainings.

Kaspersky has released a new mobile game titled [Dis]connected. The famous anti-malware company isn’t renowned for publishing mobile games. What exactly motivated Kaspersky to launch a mobile game? Security.

According to a recent Kaspersky survey, half of the enterprises hold cybersecurity courses. However, this article on CSO talks about how employees dislike such courses; hence, they don’t practice what they have learned as often/as intended. The lack of practice makes said cybersecurity courses inefficient. 

Thus, to make training more appealing and increase employees’ involvement in information security, the company has unveiled its visual novel game – [Dis]connected.

The one-hour gameplay is divided into sessions, and every session lasts up to ten minutes. This division makes it more digestible and helps the player retain knowledge. After they pass their cybersecurity training, companies can offer the game to employees to reinforce what they have learned. Kaspersky hopes to increase cybersecurity awareness among citizens if the game is used in city and nationwide projects.

“This story-rich game is all about the choices and dilemmas of the modern world. Should we use the newest technologies to our advantage even if they create additional security risks? Or should we forgo them for the sake of security and become less effective in our work? Comfort versus security – is it possible to find a balance? Making these sorts of choices in the course of the game will not only help players to embrace how to use technologies in a secure manner but also gain a better understanding about how cybersecurity is intertwined with their daily routine and how it actually affects their lives.”

Denis Barinov, Head of Kaspersky Academy

In [Dis]connected, players play as a person on a quest to maintain a healthy work-life balance. The game demonstrates the benefits of specific behavior to complement enterprises’ traditional security awareness training programs. In the game, players live a day in the future with smart home assistants and widespread human augmentation. While the setting is futuristic, the world isn’t much different from today. The character seeks the balance between work and personal life, has ambitions and desires in both, and struggles in between like we all do.

Players must solve some business and work tasks to progress. The character loves their job and wants to be successful. In their private life, the character aims to maintain their relationship with their frustrated partner, have good relationships with colleagues, and be productive.

Cybersecurity elements are knitted into the story to show how players’ decisions help achieve or ruin the character’s goals. For example, players who decide to save time and not update their implants will fail to complete projects on time. Throughout the game, players solve 24 cases about “passwords and accounts, emails, web browsing, social networks and messengers, PC security, and mobile devices.”

The story has several endings depending on players’ decisions. Players will receive a summary of their success with the project and their personal life. The final will include an assessment of their security skills and knowledge.

[Dis]connected is currently only available for corporate customers. It runs on Android and iOS smartphones. A free demo version of the game is available in App Store and Google Play.

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