Keywords Studios acquires Waste Creative and Wicked Witch

Keywords Studios is growing its team.
Keywords Studios
Keywords Studios announced that it has acquired Waste Creative and Wicked Witch.

Keywords Studios announced that it had acquired UK-based marketing agency Waste Creative and Australian game development studio, Wicked Witch.

London-based Waste Creative provides a variety of services, including community management, for mobile game studios such as Supercell, Nintendo and Riot Games. Their service aims to increase support for the growing number of players. The studio’s co-founders and the rest of its 70-person team will remain with the company after the acquisition.

As part of the acquisition, Keywords will pay Waste Creative up to $13 million over the next three years, including $2.9 million in cash and shares immediately. The remaining $10.1 million will be paid out through a mix of cash and shares, depending on the company’s performance.

Waste Creative is expected to generate $10 million in revenue through June 30, 2022.

Waste Creative Co-Founder Visar Statovci made the following comments about the acquisition:

“By working with Keywords, we will be able to expand our services to meet our clients’ full marketing needs from early access/beta launch stage to the ongoing growth, retention and management of their player and fan communities.”

Bertrand Bodson, CEO of Keywords Studios, said:

“Games as a service marketing support with a focus on community growth and fan retention are areas of increasing importance to our clients and Waste Creative will help us meet that growing demand and provide them with extensive and more integrated marketing solutions.”

In 2001, Melbourne-based Wicked Witch provided game and graphics development support on many platforms, including mobile. It has worked with major publishers such as Microsoft and Riot Games and developers in Australia.

Keywords bought Wicked Witch for $6.5 million in cash. The firm is expected to generate $6 million in revenue through 2022.

Commenting on the Wicked Witch purchase, Bodson said;

“Wicked Witch’s skilled and talented team is a great addition to our game development service line and will increase our ability to meet clients’ strong demand for technical development solutions.”

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