Kolibri Games partnered with Planetly for nature

Berlin-based mobile game team Kolibri Games announced that it has partnered with Planetly.
Kolibri Games Planetly
Kolibri Games has partnered with Planetly to achieve carbon neutrality.

Berlin-based mobile gaming team Kolibri Games announced that it has partnered with carbon neutrality management company Planetly to achieve carbon neutrality. As part of the partnership, Kolibri Games has calculated its 2019 and 2020 carbon footprint by considering direct and indirect emissions such as employee building use and the time players spend playing the company’s games.

Kolibri’s eco-friendly action will focus on investing in forest conservation and biodiversity initiatives in the developing world.

Guillaume Verlinden, General Manager of Kolibri Games, made the following comments:

“This is an important milestone for the company. We are excited to make our first contribution to green initiatives aimed at protecting the environment. This is just a small step, but it underpins our commitment to play an active role in developing a more sustainable business approach and contributing to global carbon neutrality.”

In August 2021, Kolibri announced that it had developed a “holistic view” of emission sources and implemented steps to limit future CO2 production. The company also announced that it switched to green energy to power its Berlin headquarters.

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