Krafton announces acquisition of 5minlab

Krafton announced that it had acquired Smash Legends developer 5minlab.
Krafton came up with a new acquisition.

Krafton, the owner of the world-famous battle royale game PUBG, bought the developer company 5minlab. Shares of South Korea-based 5minlab were sold to Krafton in a $20 million deal.

With the new acquisition, Krafton is considering expanding its mobile gaming operations. For Krafton, the maker of games that already appeal to millions of players, each recent acquisition means solidifying its place in the industry.

5minlab was founded in 2013, and its portfolio of games includes games such as Smash Legends, Como in Adventure, Toy Clash, and Brickscape. There are also games published by 5minlab. Moonhyoung Park, CEO of 5minlab, said:

“In addition to being a representative Korean game company that has achieved global success, Krafton’s commitment to strengthening its technology and growing its game-development capabilities remains intact. We believe that 5minlab’s global operation experience and technology will help Krafton solidify its competitive edge. We look forward to seeing the incredible experiences we’ll create together.”

Krafton has been expanding its operations recently by making multiple investments. Recently, the company made another $6.6 million investment in NFTs. Thus, Krafton’s portfolio is expanding and its position in the industry is getting stronger.

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