Kwalee has paid over £1M in bonuses to its team


The United Kingdom-based mobile game developer and publisher Kwalee reached a new milestone lately. They proved to us the power of sharing, as to today, the company paid out over £1 million to its staff. The profit share scheme which started in October 2018 ensures that when the company finds success, the entire team benefits.

One in ten staff members have doubled their salary

Kwalee has 73 team member, in the last 15 month, one in 10 staff members have been able to double their salary. The hyper-casual developer also values all staff ideas and they give a profit cut from the titles that launch. In a press release sent to Mobidictum, David Darling, CEO of Kwalee said:

All companies claim to value the ideas and creativity of their staff, but for us it was important to enshrine that in policy. Not only do we welcome game ideas from all corners of the company, but we actually rely on them to power our internal game development. It’s only right that everyone has a stake in what they create. Beyond that, we feel it’s essential that all employees, from game development to administration, can share in the successes, as it’s not just about the money but creating a real ‘community’ feeling in the studio, where everyone, no matter the discipline, is working towards one shared goal.
Kwalee David Darling
David Darling, CEO of Kwalee

He also added that getting one million in payouts is a “great milestone” in this short time. The team also hopes to reach two million quicker next time. Some junior members of the team were able to almost double their yearly salary in just three months. Other staff have funded house deposits or purchased cars and went to their “dream holidays”.

About Kwalee

The Leamington-based company is one of the biggest and leading publishers of hyper-casual games. They released hit titles like Draw it, Shootout 3D, Off the Rails 3D, Rocket Sky! and Go Fish! If you are interested to work with them, there are several open positions open right now. You can find more about the jobs on their official website by clicking here.

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