Kwalee is now more open to remote work


The mobile game publisher and developer Kwalee has made several of its vacancies for key roles open to remote-working applicants. Before COVID-19, the company never thought about remote work but its productivity under lockdown restrictions changed that. Right now, Kwalee employs more than seventy-five people in Leamington Spa. It’s planning to expand with 14 new roles open to remote staff.

Here are the open roles at Kwalee

As we mentioned above, Kwalee has 14 roles open with the possibility of remote work. Also, more might come in the future. The following positions are the first to be opened to either those able to work at Kwalee’s Leamington Spa HQ, or anyone looking to join the team remotely. Roles are Hypercasual Game Designer, Game Programmer, Full Stack Engineer / Server Programmer, Publishing Manager, and Publishing Executive. You can visit Kwalee’s website to apply and look for other vacancies by clicking here.


In a press release sent to Mobidictum, Kwalee CEO David Darling said:

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged many fundamental aspects of how we work, since we’re a creative company and communicative collaboration is key. Despite this, we’ve adapted so well – culminating in the successful launch of Bake It while all working from home – that we now see potential to take these lessons forward and embrace remote working in the longer term.

The studio paid over £1M in bonuses to its team

The United Kingdom-based proved the power of sharing back in March 2020. It follows a profit share scheme that ensures that when the company finds success, the entire team benefits. We’ve built an incredible team and attracted amazing people from all over the world, but it’s always frustrating when we identify someone who would be a perfect addition to our team but is unable to relocate,” said Veronica Minano, Talent Acquisition Manager at Kwalee. “It’s hard to find positives in this pandemic, but for us, one is that the temporary change in where we’re all working has been the learning we needed to show us that we can indeed work with this larger talent pool, and that remote work is possible for us. 

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