Kwalee has launched Hypercasual Heroes for indies

Kwalee offers a great opportunity for indie hypercasual developers.
Hypercasual Heroes

Kwalee, a world-leading hyper-casual developer and publisher, has recently launched Hypercasual Heroes to reward indie game developers. With Hypercasual Heroes, Kwalee offers indie game developers a publishing deal with up to $100,000 in advance and unlimited dividends.

Hypercasual Heroes, by Kwalee
Hypercasual Heroes, by Kwalee

Hypercasual Heroes applications continue until August 31, 2021. Kwalee is specifically looking for mobile games with new game mechanics and creative improvements to existing titles. This is because many of Kwalee’s key employees, including CEO David Darling and COO Jason Falcus, started their game development careers as an indie at a very young age. Thus, Kwalee aims to provide a guiding opportunity to indie game developers who are passionate about the game industry.

What to expect from Hypercasual Heroes

The games selected in Hypercasual Heroes will be judged on their performance in the initial test, which could earn the developer around $40,000 before the game is released worldwide. The developers of these games will be known as Hypercasual Heroes and will ultimately receive significant support and marketing efforts for the worldwide release of Kwalee! Post-launch milestones can increase bonuses by up to $100,000 for a single game – along with a brand new Tesla Model 3 car for the developer who made the game the fastest to the finish line.

Hypercasual Heroes
Hypercasual Heroes

In addition, Tenjin will also be presenting awards within Hypercasual Heroes to help support the toolkit for game developers to assist their game development processes. Developers that pass the retention test phase of the competition receive a $1,000 Tenjin certificate that they can use as part of a special ‘Indie’ plan (including 25 million watched events per month) on Tenjin, while those who pass the soft launch phase receive a $6,000 certificate under the same plan.

Kwalee CEO David Darling commented:

“One of the most satisfying aspects of hypercasual game development is that such a great variety of themes and gameplay styles can make for global hits with millions of players. We’re always looking to develop titles that are completely unlike what’s been seen before and now we’re investing heavily in encouraging other developers to do the same with Hypercasual Heroes. We don’t even need to see a full game – just a video or a few levels can be enough to see a game’s potential!”

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