Kwalee is offering almost 50 open positions, apply now!


The United Kingdom-based mobile game developer and publisher Kwalee is offering almost 50 open positions! The company recently teamed up with the no-code platform Buildbox. Before that, it expanded to Asia with its new studio, Kwalee Bangalore. The hyper-casual experts also had success developing games remotely as we saw with Bake It, which surpassed 10 million downloads last month. If you are planning to work with Kwalee, this is your chance. The company is offering almost 50 vacancies!

Kwalee is offering jobs in the UK and India

If you are a programmer, there are 13 open positions to apply to such as Full Stack Engineer, Game Programmer, Games Server Support Engineer, Server Programmer, Junior Tools Programmer, Junior Game Programmer for Playable Ads, and more. If you are good at marketing, you can apply to 7 vacancies including Marketing Analyst, Artist & Animator, and Creative Producer. For Designers, there are 5 open job positions.  Furthermore, there are 4 open positions for Artists, and two for Game Analyst two for Production. When it comes to Publishing, there are 5 vacancies including Publishing Executive and Publishing Manager. Kwalee is looking for QA Manager and Tester, also it’s looking for Talent Acquisition Executive.

KwaleeIf you are interested in applying to any of these jobs for Bangalore or Leamington Spa studios, click here. In case you didn’t see a role that fits your profile, yon still apply to Kwalee through General Application. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the company is now more open to remote work, which will benefit everyone outside the United Kingdom and India.

When there is a success, everyone benefits

Kwalee proved the power of sharing back in March 2020. It follows a profit share scheme that ensures that when the company finds success, the entire team benefits. This applied to both studios, Leamington Spa and the newly established Bangalore. From all of us at Mobidictum, good luck with your application!

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