Liftoff shares winning strategies to maximize your mobile game’s revenue – MBC 2022

Liftoff Sales Director Kevan Merlehan attended the Mobidictum Business Conference and explained how developers could achieve maximum revenue.
Kevin Merlehan - Liftoff

Liftoff Sales Director Kevan Merlehan attended the Mobidictum Business Conference and advised how mobile developers can maximize revenues from their games. The experienced name also evaluated the current situation of the market by making a presentation on specific metrics.

Merlehan started his speech by mentioning that the mobile game industry has entered a bear period with the end of the pandemic restriction. After that, he says that it is tough to monetize users today.

“We’ve seen from a decrease of 22.6 billion down to 21.2 billion in the pandemic, signaling the impact of covid. But also nowadays it’s much harder to actually monetize your users”

Showing the data for the previous year’s second quarter and this year, Merlehan points out that the revenues have decreased considerably compared to last year. Apart from this decrease in revenue, he says that the gaps in the top 5 games have been closed. It also points out the competition quite considerably today.

In addition, it is seen that many new players have joined the market from that period to this period. After these insights, Merlehan, who shows the ROAS data of different regions, says that a new game does not have to enter the market only from North America.

“When we look at the bigger picture of all of Europe and Global, the main focus for many casual gaming clients is to focus on Nara, which is North America. What you can see is it’s not that dissimilar when it comes to EMEA or APAC, in terms of the ROAS that you can generate from day-7 and day 30.”

Continuing his speech, he touched on the importance of creatives, competitive game mechanics, and meta elements in casual games. You can reach Merlehan’s full speech and more by clicking the button below!

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