Lootex raises $9M for metaverse marketplace

Lootex’s mission is to bring blockchain games to traditional players.
Lootex Metaverse marketplace
Lootex announced that it has raised $9 million for the metaverse marketplace they will create.

Lootex announced that it had raised $9 million to work in the metaverse marketplace. Once the Marketplace is complete, potential players will be allowed to trade and buy items across multiple blockchains.

The funding round was led by Spartan Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, LD Capital, and Akatsuki. Other contributors included Polygon Studio, HTC, Huobi Ventures, and Morningstar Ventures. Some investors expressed that they joined Lootex because it will help blockchain economies.

Yuji Kumagai, Director of Akatsuki, commented:

“It is very important to activate the NFT marketplace for GameFi in order for NFT gamers to have ownership and move autonomously. We believe Lootex will contribute to the expansion of the GameFi ecosystem.”

Brian Lu, Co-Founder of Infinity Ventures Crypto, added the following words:

“IVC is thrilled to support Lootex’s vision and mission to create a transparent and decentralized NFT marketplace — a pioneering step towards facilitating people’s virtual assets.”

According to Lootex, the current market supports over 12,000 NFTs spread over 500 collections. Lootex CEO Justine Lu said in a statement:

“Our mission is to liberate game asset ownership and connect blockchain games to traditional players. By providing a game-oriented NFT marketplace, players are able to trade and discover the value of their hard work and accomplishments.”

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