Lumi Interactive raised $6.75m to develop mobile game Kinder World

Lumi wants to create a title that is “kind and comforting.”
Lumi's Kinder World
The investment will be used in the development of Kinder World.

Kinder World creator Lumi Interactive announced it had raised $6.75 million from its investment round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). The investment will be used to accelerate the development process of the game.

Melbourne-based Lumi Interactive plans to create a “kindness-filled” world for both children and adults with Kinder World. In the game, users will grow their own unique plants with “self-love.” The world of Kinder World is designed as an environment where people can relax and get rid of negative emotions.

According to Danielle Partis of, Lauren Clinnick, Co-Founder and CEO of Lumi Interactive, said:

“These past few years have been anything but kind. But even in the depths of Melbourne’s long lockdowns, my small team saw how everyday acts of compassion, to ourselves and others, could make the world seem like a kinder place.”

James Gwertzman, a general partner of a16z, has the following statements about Lumi Interactive:

“Lumi is stepping into a fast growing, and much needed category of their own. Here, the goal is not to achieve or compete, but rather to slow down, step back and take a much needed mental health break.”

It is also possible to see Kinder World as a gamified therapy. Lumi and its investors think this type of game category is necessary. The pandemic and the global negativities that followed immediately affected many people badly. In such an atmosphere, Lumi wants to make a game that relaxes the players a little.

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