Machine Advertising introduces AIM, the world’s first real-time AI-powered measurement platform

Any brand marketer using TAP attribution can add AIM to their measurement toolset to achieve greater scale in UA campaigns.
Machine Advertising
Machine Advertising introduces world’s first real-time AI powered measurement platform to scale performance on UA campaigns.

Machine Advertising, the company dedicated to maximizing app marketing performance, announces Always-on Incremental Measurement (AIM), a unique plug-and-play AI platform, that gives UA marketers next-level real-time insights, helping to optimize budgets, lower CPA, and scale campaigns like never before.

One of the biggest challenges for UA marketers is scaling performance, whilst maintaining a positive return on ad spend (ROAS). AIM has been designed to maximize scale in a smart way, ensuring marketers can optimize their ad spend on the media where they gain the most incremental benefits, to achieve the lowest cost per acquisition (CPA), without compromising their acquisition goals, or desire to scale out.  Using advanced artificial intelligence and predictive analysis, AIM empowers marketers to deploy acquisition strategies in parallel and to wider audiences, without fear of losing control of their budgets.

UA just got smart and hassle-free

AIM optimizes UA, defining a new level of high-performance with a level of transparency and insight, currently unavailable elsewhere. AIM offers real-time insights into all the key challenges that keep the UA marketer awake at night while freeing them from the burden of measurement that holds them back from rapidly scaling campaigns.

AIM efficiently works with the existing marketing systems and media sources and requires no technical integration, access to user data, or a protracted implementation stage. Its plug-and-play approach ensures data privacy is maintained, no campaign disruption, and delivers UA marketers new actionable insights within 48 hours of going live.

Proven UA optimisation results

Running with a closed group over the last three months, AIM is delivering exceptional optimized UA results for its customers at a huge scale. One of its customers, which wanted to improve and scale UA for its health and fitness app – a crowded and challenging segment – achieved an 18% lift in UA while lowering its cost per acquisition. AIM enables improvements and scale in UA with some key pillars including:

  • Functionality: no technical integration, plug and play approach with just 48 hours to see results 
  • Transparency: real-time insights whilst maintaining data privacy 
  • Seasonality: forecasting sales based on seasonal changes and shifts to optimise budgets

Measurement 3.0 – ready now for what is to come

The marketing world is moving into a new era, where dynamic marketing, rapid agility, and scale are the hallmarks of success.  At the same time, new challenges are emerging as advertising looks for new ways to measure success in the face of increasing privacy policies. AIM is not only resistant to these technologies, while protecting consumer privacy, but is also already able to help marketers with measuring new opportunities such as those now being offered by the emergence of the metaverse.

Gary Danks, Founder and Managing Director of Machine Advertising said;

“Even the most experienced UA marketers reach a point of diminishing returns, where it’s difficult to scale performance and the CPA is too expensive. Today that changes with Always-on Incremental Measurement (AIM) for UA marketing which is deployed with no disruption to existing marketing efforts and campaigns. AIM gives marketers insights, control, and the ability to scale that they have only dreamed of.”

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