Mad Hook offers youth new opportunities in the gaming industry

Mad Hook’s goals in the gaming industry are solid.
mad hook

As Hazem Hanbali, Co-Founder, and CEO of Mad Hook, an independent game development studio based in Amman, stated, the company wants to help the local community with things other than entertainment and gaming. It also aims to shed light on both the industry and the importance of the industry as a career path for those who are passionate about game development as a profession.

Hazem Hanbali makes the following statements on the subject:

“In terms of game development, we think companies like Mad Hook and similar game studios will be extremely helpful in creating job opportunities for people interested in working in game development and other areas of the game industry. We believe that this industry is very important for our region and it can create many opportunities for new graduates who are passionate about this field but have never had the opportunity to be directed to this field.”

Mad Hook’s goal in the gaming industry

According to Business Insider, the gaming industry’s revenues were expected to reach 179.7 billion dollars worldwide in 2020. During this period, Mad Hook increased its revenue by 160% and took its share from this growth. According to Hanbali, most of the sales that year come from the US, Japan, and the MENA region.

Team Mad Hook
Team Mad Hook

Mad Hook’s goal in this industry is to develop and publish its own original games using the latest technologies available to create games that meet the standards of the local gaming community. Hazem Hanbali made the following comments on this purpose:

“We hope that the games we release will always be the ones we want to play, so we customize them before release. And we’re constantly on the lookout for the best technology to deliver the best experience in every game.”

Mad Hook was founded in 2018 by Hazem Hanbali and Ibrahim Al-Hasan to develop mobile games for the MENA region. Today, it has opened to the global market and continues to develop mobile games in this market. The company’s projects managed to exceed 10 million downloads in total with only 11 employees. Mad Hook also developed games such as The Chase, Highway Drifter, and Rooftop Run.

Hazem Hanbali said, “We believe that gaming is really essential for entertainment. However, we believe that our community and region still lacks content and material in terms of local and Arabic games,” and added: “Our mission will not be complete until we establish one of the largest game development studios in the region and grow further in the global market. We will not stop until we are sure that everyone is enjoying our games. We take their feedback very seriously, so we get suggestions from our audience as well so we can continue to meet their expectations.”

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