MAG Interactive announced monthly financial data

Despite the decline in monthly active users, the net sales of the Swedish mobile game company MAG Interactive increased.
While sales revenues increased, the number of active players decreased.

Sweden-based mobile game company announced its September-November 2021 financial data. The company’s net sales for this period were approximately $7.7 million and its EBITDA (EBITDA) for the period was roughly $1.9 million. The game revenue of MAG Interactive group reached roughly $5.6 million, an increase of 24 percent compared to the previous year. This amount accounts for approximately 68 percent of the sales revenues of the entire group.

During the period above, the average number of daily active users of MAG Interactive was 1.53 million. This number is 20 percent lower than the same period of the previous year. Monthly, there is a decrease of 18 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

Despite the net decrease in the number of users, the company’s sales revenues increased. The average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) for the period increased 38 percent year over year to $0.057. The published report stated that despite the decrease in the number of monthly users, net sales revenues increased by 11% on average.

Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive, said:

“The foundation of our consistent growth is a portfolio of evergreen games with a loyal player base, a group we continue to engage with new events that keep improving in monetization performance.”

During the post-COVID normalization period, the number of players in many games tends to decrease. On the other hand, the same is not the case with incomes. Fewer players can spend more, causing companies to increase their sales revenue. In general, although the number of downloads and players for the entire mobile game industry has decreased, revenues are not affected in the same way.

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