Mantisco joins Outlier Ventures’ Ascent Program for Web3 games

The creator of Hunter’s Arena is looking to develop two new AAA Web3 titles in the upcoming years.
Outlier Ventures and Mantisco logos next to characters from Hunter's Arena: Legends

Mantisco further expands into the Web3 space, this time with Outlier Ventures’ Ascent Program. This is the company’s second Web3 partnership, following the decision to move the Hunter’s Arena series to the ecosystem.

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London-based Outlier Ventures created the Ascent Program to assist developers with the operational requirements and token distribution process of their token launch periods. In eight years, the program has advised, invested in, and accelerated more than 180 projects in the Web3 space.

With this partnership, Ascent will support Mantisco in token design and economy, community building, market positioning, and other business-related activities, including funding and listing on top global exchanges.

Mantisco stated its primary goal as “Delivering games that set a sustainable standard of blockchain gaming and brings players of all backgrounds together, allowing users an active involvement with high reward.” The company looks to combine fun and stylish combat with an engaging narrative.

The planned launch date of the Web3 version of the Hunter’s Arena series, Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth, is 2023, although an exact date is currently unavailable. Mantisco’s other AAA Web3 title, The Wild West, is expected to launch in 2024. Both games will allow players to enjoy true ownership of in-game assets.

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