Metaverse studio Alta VR raises $12.4 million

Virtual reality game studio Alta returned with $12.4 million from its funding round.
Alta received a new investment.

Alta, which describes itself as a “metaverse studio,” has raised $12.4 million from a metaverse funding round. The company aims to create creative virtual world experiences. Alta also has a willing and talented team in this regard.

Alta will use the investment to implement new projects, produce special content and develop its team. Post-investment, Makers Fund co-founder Jay Chi will join Alta’s board of directors.

Alta is known for the game A Township Tale, which he developed for Oculus Quest 2. This game had outstanding success in Oculus Quest 2 and attracted attention. Post-investment, Alta CEO Tima Anoshechkin said:

A Township Tale VR game has been a significant success.

“Alta started out with a single quest: to create worlds that bring people together. This funding helps us expand that vision beyond just growing our flagship game, and allows us to expand the team, create new opportunities and partnerships to collaborate with, and continue to develop world-class technology, whether with VR or other platforms. Whenever and wherever you are playing, our experience will always be engaging, seamless, and fun.”

Understandably, Alta focuses on a social gaming experience and community. Jay Chi, the co-founder of Makers Fund, made the following statement on the subject:

“For two years now we have been fans of Alta’s compelling vision for a deeply immersive space built around cooperative exploration, and we continue to be impressed by Tima and his team’s first major milestone — creating a sophisticated, highly-systemic world, beloved by its community in its fledgling stages. At Makers, we make it our mission to support creative, ambitious endeavors from proven founders, and we are proud to be assisting Tima and his team in bringing about further renditions of their vision that continue to delight and inspire their devoted community.”

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