MMORPG studio City State Entertainment receives $15M investment

New funds will further the growth and strategic expansion of City State’s gaming platform and engine.
Two characters from Camelot Unchained getting ready to fight on a hill

The developer of MMORPG games, such as Camelot Unchained and Final Stand: Ragnarök, City State Entertainment, announced raising $15 million from various minority investors. The funding round saw investments from new and existing contributors.

US, Virginia-based company is working on launching its next MMORPG, Camelot Unchained, with its own graphics engine. CEO Mark Jacobs stated that Unchained Engine supports large-scale combat with up to 1,800 gamers to enjoy the heat of battle.

Mark Jacobs, CEO of City State Entertainment, made some comments:

“As this is the largest funding round that the studio has received to date, I am extremely grateful to our investors and long-term backers of Camelot Unchained who share our vision for both our games and the cutting-edge engine that we have created.”

“We have already reaped some of the benefits from this funding round as we continue to take our development and leadership team to another level. With the uncertain and troubling economic times in the world, knowing that we can continue to work on our games while adding the people and talent we need to deliver on our current games is quite comforting.”

Founder of the company’s Seattle studio and the CTO of City State, George Davison, added:

“This additional funding will allow us to continue to develop our engine, an engine that already delivers a variety of experiences not seen anywhere else in the industry, from massive real-time online interactions in procedural player-built worlds to hand-crafted multiplayer battles where heroes can engage armies of thousands of enemies at a time. I’m looking forward to growing our team to polish and expand our cutting-edge technology stack.”

Mark Jacobs had previously founded another studio named Mythic Entertainment. Electronic Arts repurchased the studio in 2006 and then made the decision to shut it down in 2014, marking the end of the multiplayer online games studio.

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