Mobidictum Business Conference will be the biggest game industry event in the region!

The biggest game industry event in the region will be with you on 5-6 September 2022. Don’t miss out on limited-edition Early Bird discount tickets!
The region’s largest game industry event: Mobidictum Business Conference

Mobidictum is excited and happy to announce the Mobidictum Business Conference (MBC), held in Istanbul! The biggest game industry event in the region will be with you on the Golden Horn on 5-6 September 2022!

Golden Horn, in Turkish, “Haliç,” is the pearl of Istanbul with its natural beauty and historical importance. The Golden Horn got its name from ancient legends. This place is a significant cultural center for both Turkey and the world.

Mobidictum Business Conference will appeal to the entire game industry. Game studios, publishers, investors, service providers, independent game developers, industry experts, and more will come together in MBC 2022.

Why is MBC the biggest event in the region?

Mobidictum acts with the vision of adding value to the game industry. In line with this vision, it has made it a mission to carry out activities that support the sharing of information in the game industry, the development of the game market, the discovery of new talents, and the gathering of people in the industry.

Participants who share this vision of Mobidictum will come together at MBC. Expected;

  • 400+ brands
  • 1000+ participants
  • 60+ speakers
  • 40+ games showcase have taken their place on MBC, and the numbers continue to increase day by day.

What does MBC offer to attendees?

Anyone in the game industry can find a suitable spot on MBC. PC, mobile, console, AR-VR, Web3, and many other game topics will be discussed during the event;

  • You can follow the current state of the game industry.
  • You can learn the opinions of industry experts.
  • You can find the opportunity to promote your game.
  • You can discover new talents.
  • You can catch new investment opportunities.
  • You have the chance to develop your network and business.
  • You can evaluate new partnership opportunities.

More Than an Ordinary Event

MBC also offers opportunities to its participants. If you want, you can also find time to have fun on MBC after tiring job interviews:

  • Badge Collection / Pre-party: The Pre-party, exclusive to Premium and Professional ticket holders, will occur on September 4, between 19:00 – 23:00 at Galata Ballroom. An excellent opportunity to start the event fresh!
  • Pier Party / After Party: We will relieve the tiredness of the first day with the unique view of the Golden Horn at the Pier Party, which is exclusive to professional ticket holders. We will have fun with the DJ performance at the party that will take place between 19:00 – 23:00 on September 5th!

Early Bird discount tickets are limited!

You can take advantage of the Early Bird discount opportunity to attend the event that will take place at Istanbul Haliç Congress Center on September 5-6. Whatever your purpose of participation in the event is, you can find a discount ticket that suits you!

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