Mobidictum Business Network #2 has ended

The second event of the Mobidictum Business Network event series has ended.
Mobidictum Business Network #2
Mobidictum Business Network #2

Mobidictum Business Network #2 has ended with the participation of 1324 people. The event, which took place on 1-2-3 September, brought together those working in the game industry and those who want to enter this industry. In Mobidictum Business Network #2, 41 sessions were held in three days by experts from different parts of the world. The event gave Turkish mobile game studios the chance to open up to the world.

In the second of the Mobidictum Business Network events, which aim to bring together leading game companies and Turkish game developers, expert speakers and various companies came together to help the studios expand their vision by expanding their business. At the event, 460 meeting requests were sent, where the first steps of new connections and partnerships will be taken.

What was discussed at Mobidictum Business Network #2?

In total, there were 48 speakers in 41 sessions who talked about invaluable topics about the mobile gaming industry and made instructive presentations. The sessions generally focused on growth, monetization, investment, latest trends and marketing strategies. List of session topics on Mobidictum Business Network #2:

  • What are the digital and traditional marketing strategies for mobile games?
  • What to do before working with a publisher?
  • Choosing the right partner.
  • How can a studio get investment?
  • What paths have successful studios taken?
  • What are the new monetization methods in the gaming world?
  • How can you make your game even bigger?
  • Latest trends in hyper-casual games and ways to achieve success in this field.

Mobidictum Business Network statistics

  • 1324 people attended Mobidictum Business Network #2,
  • More than 900 companies took part in the event,
  • In the online event, 41 sessions took place in three days,
  • 48 speakers from different parts of the world, who are experts in their fields, were hosted,
  • Within three days, 461 meeting requests were sent to each other by the participants.

Mobidictum Founder Batuhan Avucan’s statement

Batuhan Avucan, Founder and Managing Director of Mobidictum, who organized the event, made the following statements in his post-event statements:

“In our second event, we reached much more industry stakeholders this time. In this event with more content, participants from the Middle East and South Asia region shared information that will show in which regions Turkish game companies can achieve success. In-game advertisements and marketing platforms are at the forefront of this event. Our event lasted for 3 days this time. Thanks to the support of our sponsors, we had a good event. I hope that we, as Mobidictum, have realized an event that is beneficial for the whole industry.”

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