Mobidictum Business Network #3 is done!

Mobidictum Business Network #3 was held with the participation of more than 50 speakers who are experts in their fields and more than 1000 people in the game industry!
MBN #3 is done!

As Mobidictum, we held a brand new event on March 8-9-10. In our three-day event, we covered many topics such as mobile games, game companies, hyper-casual, blockchain games, NFTs, play-to-earn, play-and-earn, marketing in the game industry, advertising, and customer relations.

51 speakers from different parts of the world took part in 47 sessions at Mobidictum Business Network #3 (MBN #3). Our speakers, who are experts in their own fields, shared their valuable knowledge and experience with our participants. Our event attracted significant interest from the game industry and hosted more than 1000 participants. More than 700 companies gathered at MBN #3.

Thanks to all our supporters!

We are thrilled to bring together companies and people from the industry. We are working to increase information sharing and communication in the game industry. We take great pleasure in being a part of a world where every studio, developer, publisher, and player will achieve better results as the future of the game industry is being built.

We held MBN #3 online and we will continue on our way with brand new events. We aim to bring the industry together again with the Mobidictum Meetup – İzmir 2022, which we will physically organize in İzmir in May. Afterward, we want to meet again in Istanbul at an event like a bomb!

We want to thank all our speakers, participants, and everyone who supported us, especially our sponsors. See you at the next event!

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