Mobidictum Jobs portal is now available with a brand new look!

Mobidictum Jobs portal has gained a more detailed and changing interface.
mobidictum jobs career portal
Mobidictum career portal has a new look.

As Mobidictum, our Job Posts page,, where we bring together job postings in the gaming industry, is now here with a brand new look.

Find your job in the mobile gaming industry with Mobidictum Jobs!

  • You can now view job postings in much more detail on our new platform.
  • There is also a detailed filtering system to save time in your job search.
  • You can apply directly to job postings through the portal.
Mobidictum Career Portal
Mobidictum opened its career portal with its new look.

It is also very easy to create a membership on the platform. In particular, it is enough to be a member of the platform to apply quickly to job postings and keep track of new postings regularly. Then you can upload your CV to the platform and save time during the application phase.

How can you follow the job postings?

A daily and weekly newsletter has also been created specifically for our Job Postings portal. In these bulletins, you can regularly follow the newly added job postings daily and weekly. When you see the advertisements that you think are suitable for you, you can apply immediately. To subscribe to the newsletters, simply write your email address in the form at the bottom of the page.

What should you do to post a job on the platform?

If you want to create a job posting, all you have to do is enter the platform and click on the “Post a Job” option in the upper right corner.

Our portal also serves employers who want to fill open positions in their companies. Job postings can be easily posted on the platform. Job postings published on Mobidictum are specially made into a list by our team and highlighted with a weekly newsletter.

Then you can choose any of the plans that appear. You can post a free job posting in the first month of the launch of the platform. After choosing the plan, you must choose whether it’s your first time or if you’ve posted a job before. At this stage, you can now create your profile on the portal.

In the final stage, you are now ready to open a job posting. When posting a job posting, we recommend that you fill in all the information and be clear about your wishes in the description section. This will increase your chances of reaching the talents you are targeting directly.

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