Mobidictum Network Istanbul 2023 will bring the gaming industry together on January 13th

Introducing 2023’s first game industry event.
Mobidictum Network Istanbul 2023 event photo

Mobidictum Network Istanbul 2023 will take place at Point Hotel Barbaros Istanbul between 13-15 January 2023. Game developers, publishers, investors, and service providers will participate in the event, which will be limited to 300 people.

Participants will have the chance to talk and mingle with the industry’s stakeholders, as well as attend talks/panels on the current situation, trajectory, and analysis of the game industry. All participants will be able to socialize with other participants in the networking area with bistros, drinks, and cocktail dinners.

Game industry gathering at Mobidictum Network event

The event will start with a speech by the Founder and General Manager of Mobidictum, Batuhan Avucan. Participants can expect to discuss a wide range of topics, including PC, mobile (casual and hyper-casual), console, AR – VR, Metaverse, blockchain and NFT. In each of these categories, there will be talking points and meeting areas to help facilitate discussion on the topic.

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The day after Mobidictum Network Istanbul 2023, on January 14th, Career in Games Istanbul 2023 will be held at the same venue. This event will be free of charge and will bring together game companies and job seekers in the game industry. Game developers will also be able to participate in events determined by the companies. More information can be found here.

Mobidictum Network Istanbul 2023 tickets are currently on sale and limited in number. Click here to review the advantages of Basic and Professional tickets and book your ticket now. You can get a 25% discount with earlybird code for the first 100 tickets.

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