Mobile game distribution platform GameBake has been launched

Mobile game distribution has never been this easy.
GameBake logo
GameBake logo

GameBake – the complete global distribution solution that makes it simple for publishers to take their mobile games to the world – is thrilled to announce it has launched its distribution service for mobile game developers and publishers who wish to reach new markets worldwide.

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GameBake is now able to solve the problems of publishers who have amazing games but don’t have the specialized knowledge to share them.

GameBake provides the infrastructure and knowledge needed for developers and publishers to publish their games on a variety of high-quality platforms beyond Google Play and the Apple App Store. Accessible with a single, open-source SDK, its platform includes appropriate advertising, marketing, and in-app purchases as standard, with a simple revenue share model.

GameBake focuses across four key distribution channels, including alternative app stores (e.g. Huawei AppGallery or One Store), social media (e.g. Facebook, WeChat), web (e.g. game portals like Crazy Games), and apps (video game streaming apps like Hago).

Mobile game distribution will be so much easier with GameBake.

GameBake’s proprietary technology called KILN is game development environment agnostic, meaning whether developers build their game in Unity, Cocos, Unreal Engine, or more, they can easily distribute and monetize through GameBake. To provide scalability, publishers can choose from a menu of platforms to publish their IP on initially, and increase this as desired.

GameBake’s established and collaborative relationships with leading global platforms mean they can provide additional support and consultancy for publishers – such as on each store’s pricing model and how they ensure games are visible for and marketed to users.

Michael Hudson, CEO, and Co-Founder at GameBake commented:

“After almost a year in beta, we’re thrilled to finally be bringing GameBake to market for the mobile gaming industry. Throughout this period, we’ve heard from publishers who have amazing games but do not have the specialized knowledge to share them with some of the world’s largest and most lucrative markets. The lack of simply trusted conduits to these markets has inevitably crystallized a focus on Google Play and the App Store.”

He further added:

“GameBake aims to provide the antidote to this problem. We’re proud to offer game developers and publishers a complete solution to put their IPs in front of larger, more diverse audiences. Over the last two years, we’ve built incredibly strong relationships with leading global distribution partners and platforms, including the likes of Huawei’s AppGallery, One Store, Facebook, Tencent, which means developers and publishers can now confidently make these world-leading platforms part of their core distribution strategies.”

What is GameBake?

GameBake logo
Simple. Versatile. Open-Source. Your window to the global market.

GameBake is a mobile gaming distribution platform that provides end-to-end distribution and monetization solutions for all mobile games via a single, open-source SDK. Developers and publishers that plug into our intuitive platform gain access to the infrastructure and expertise to immediately reach and monetize exciting global markets via our platform partners. GameBake’s proprietary and customizable KILN technology don’t mind what development environment you use or which geos you’re targeting – it simply helps you put your game in front of billions of potential users and bakes in quality advertising and in-app purchases you need to scale your games successfully.

GameBake was founded in 2019 by mobile games developers Michael Hudson, Rocky Grant, and George Abdallah, and it is working with leading global platforms such as Huawei’s AppGallery and Samsung’s Galaxy Store, as well as renowned publishers and IP owners including Atari and Banijay.

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