Mobile game sharing community TapTap rebrands itself

The company shares a transformation on the outside but promises to keep what fans love about the platform.
TapTap mascot Tato around the TapTap logo

TapTap, the mobile game-sharing community has announced a rebranding project. The company states that the outside will undergo a transformation, but the things within TapTap that fans love will remain intact and unchanged.

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The community platform has been a zone for gamers and developers to discover games and socialize with each other. Despite the platform’s improvements in functionality and content, the company acknowledges that it has lost the spark and fun the community desires. So came the decision to hit the reset button and rebrand.

The TapTap team has also shared that they’ve gathered feedback from many gamers and developers to understand what the platform means for its users. It was decided that this platform’s focus should be on becoming a place where gamers can feel safe and comfortable.

A mascot has also been announced within the statement. Emoticon-like figures with different colors and emotions, with a collective name of Tato, will be the new mascot, representing the colorful and emotional nature of gaming.

The team used these sentences to explain the rebranding process:

“We learned what made TapTap so special for the millions of users who already use it. We learned that there was a lot that we could be doing. And most importantly, we learned what the answer was to our brand’s purpose: TapTap should feel like an extension to the gaming world, the game doesn’t end when you hop on to TapTap, and TapTap should feel like a home (or secret hideout) for all gamers out there. So rather than simply refresh TapTap, we hit the reset button. Welcome to the new TapTap.”

TapTap states that the platform’s functionality and mission will not change, and users will have no problem with adaptation. The update will be about how it feels, with the company exploring a more energetic, interactive, and fun experience for its users.

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