Mobile games are setting records in Europe during isolation

Mobile games are on a rise since the start of the outbreak around the world. COVID-19 affected everyone and many countries announced lockdown in the past months. In recent reports, we knew that gaming usage and spending were increasing. Also, we knew that multiplayer mobile games were in high demand. According to a new report from Sensor Tower, we knew that Europeans turned more to mobile gaming.

Mobile Games are setting records!

In March 2020, the games category had it’s “best-ever month for downloads”. Also, new installs rose by 19 percent from February to almost 1.2 billion and it was up 14 percent from the month before. To compare, downloads for the Games category were 9 percent between February and March 2019. It decreased by 9 percent between January and March 2019. While downloads were rising in March user spending stayed the same. The revenue saw stronger growth than the same period in 2019. Between February and March 2020, user spending on Games in Europe grew by 12 percent to $740 million, which was also up 6 percent from January.

Mobile Games
The graph from Sensor Tower shows the weekly growth.

Furthermore, Last year’s user spending grew 9 percent from February to March and reached $605.8 million. It was two percent up from January to March. Year-over-year, user spending was up 22 percent in March 2020 compared to March 2019. Although user spending didn’t increase in the same way the downloads did,  March 2020 is still the best-ever month for mobile games in Europe.

More from the report

Sensor Tower also reported that grocery shopping apps like Amazon Shopping were among the top apps in recent weeks. Ridesharing and Taxis services like Uber, Ola, and Blot declined in terms of new installs and downloads. Meanwhile, Entertainment apps like Netflix, Twitch, and Disney+ saw a surge in downloads, which is expected during the lockdown. A lot of mobile games publishers and developers came together to encourage people to stay home by offering various events and items.

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