Mobile games industry professionals meet at PGC Digital!

PGC Digital
POGC Digital returns in February with its new event.

The countdown has begun for Pocket Gamer Connects Digital # 5 (PGC Digital # 5)! The leading names of the mobile gaming industry will connect with each other throughout the week at the event, which will take place between 8-12 February 2021.

Pocket Gamer Connects Digital # 5 brings mobile gaming industry professionals together

We have shared with you all the “Connect” events that Pocket Gamer has been organizing since 2020. Thousands of visitors from all over the world attended these online events. While travel restrictions and quarantines still continue due to the pandemic, Pocket Gamer announced Pocket Gamer Connects Digital # 5, the newest event in the series.

The event, which will be completely online, will allow thousands of participants to come together without leaving the comfort of their own environment. Participants will listen to the speeches of industry-leading names while connecting with each other through online meetings.

Listen to the speeches of industry professionals

According to the latest information shared, companies such as King, Facebook, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco, Rovio, Microsoft, SEGA Europe, DICE and Wargaming are among the speakers. Moreover, the fact that the event is digital allows these talks to be recorded. Participants who have trouble with time difference can watch the conversations whenever they want.

Mobil oyun sektörü etkinlik
PGC Digital #5 speakers include…

Each speaker will conduct their seminars, keynotes, panels and roundtables on 14 conference tracks with 80 hours of video content streamed live and recorded for on-demand viewing.

Speakers tackle a range of key games industry topics by sharing their own analysis, thoughts, advice and experiences. These topics include the discussion of global trends, practical advice on every aspect of development, essential UA and retention techniques, the art of publishing, investment advice and where games intersect with the worlds of films, TV, comics and more.

Networkin opportunity with PGC Digital # 5

Of course, the event doesn’t end with these talks. One of PGC Digital’s most important features is that it brings together thousands of participants from all over the world. Thanks to the MeetToMatch platform, participants will have the opportunity to set up meetings with each other. In addition, more studios will have the chance to step up to make new connections with the Discord channel and side events such as Big Indie Pitch.

PGC Digital #5
You can book your tickets for PGC Digital #5 now.

Pocket Gamer Connects Digital events seem to continue in 2021. The fifth part of the series, PGC Digital #5, will take place online from February 8-12. If you want to be a part of the event and meet mobile gaming industry veterans from all over the world, don’t forget to book your tickets now.

You can visit PGConnects website for details and to register.

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