How to stay up to date with the latest hyper-casual trends?

What kind of service does MobileAction provide to the mobile gaming industry?
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Yusuf Barutçu, Business Development Director of MobileAction, a leading App Store optimization and application marketing tool that provides world-class data, was one of the speakers at the Mobidictum Business Network online event held on May 8-9 for the first time. In his speech, Barutçu shared his knowledge of being informed about the latest trends in the hyper-casual field and shared his analysis about other games.

Yusuf Barutçu talked about what kind of a service MobileAction provides to the mobile game industry, how you can best optimize your game, how to interact with current mobile game trends, and shared his analysis about the other games in the market with data.

You can watch Yusuf Barutçu’s speech at the Mobidictum Business Network event in the video below.

About Mobidictum Business Network

The Mobidictum Business Network event is a series of events in which the mobile gaming news platform Mobidictum aims to bring together the leading companies of the gaming industry and Turkish game developers. In this series of events, we bring together expert speakers and various companies that can grow your business to expand the vision of the studios.

Mobidictum Business Network includes game developers, investors, game companies, and service providers. This event series, with hundreds of participants from brands, also includes one-on-one meetings that can create brand new opportunities for foreigners who want to be included in the Turkish game ecosystem and developers who want to go global.

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Mobidictum Business Network #2

Our next event, Mobidictum Business Network #2, will take place on 1-2-3 September.

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