Mojang unveils new name and logo on its 11th birthday!


Mojang recently celebrated Minceraft’s eleventh birthday. Usually, the team eats block-shaped cake but this time they are doing a big change. In a blog post on the game’s official website, Mojang revealed its new logo and new name! You might ask why they are doing that now, well the team answers that in a great logical way. Would you still wear the outfit that perfectly defined your style in 2009? No one can’t argue with that logic. The real reason is that Mojang now is a multi-title, multi-location company, therefore, the new change is understandable.

The studio’s new name is Mojang Studios

It’s only a slight change but it’s still a new brand for the Swedish video games studio.  Mojang is working on games different than Minecraft but in the same world. One of the announced games is Minecraft Dungeons, a dungeon crawler game that is coming next week to PC and consoles. The other one is Minecraft Earth, an augmented reality sandbox game that is available in early access on Google Play and the App Store. Now time for the big reveal, here’s the studio’s new logo!

Mojang In the blog post, the team thanked Minecraft’s community and said:

As we celebrate Minecraft’s 11th birthday, we’re reminded that none of this would have been possible without you, our amazing community. When we talk about developing new games, and find (or invent!) entirely new avenues for creativity, know that Minecraft and its community will always be at the center of our universe. How could it not? Just consider this: a programmer who recently joined Mojang Studios learned to code using Minecraft, and is now helping us inspire a new generation of players, creators, and developers.

Happy Birthday!

From all of as Mobidictum, happy birthday to Minecraft! Besides that, Microsoft announced recently that the game officially topped 200 million, with 126 million people playing the game monthly! Before leaving you, here’s a video about the rebranding of Mojang.

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