Monthly Mobile Game Market Trend Report: October 2021

CrazyLabs has announced the popular headlines for October. The report contains data ranging from the most popular themes to the most preferred subgenres.
Crazy Labs October report
Crazy Labs released its data for October.

CrazyLabs, the top-3 hyper-casual publisher, has compiled a report of popular mobile gaming market headlines for October. The trends of the mobile game industry are listed in detail in the report. You can quickly reach the title you want from the list below.

The first study by the research company deals with mobile game themes. In order of popularity, the top 5 themes in the report are as follows:

  • Animals theme
  • Money and crypto theme
  • Sports theme
  • Car and Vehicle theme
  • Squid Game theme

In addition to what we expect to be on the list, there is a theme called “Squid Game”. This is possible to say that this is directly related to the Korean-made series recently released on Netflix and has made quite a splash. Along with these popular themes, the rest of the list is tabulated by CrazyLabs as follows:

The list includes many titles such as food, thieves, weapons.

In addition to the intermediate themes on the list, the last three least popular themes are as follows:

  • Delivering theme
  • Ropes theme
  • Mining theme

As can be seen, products can be presented in a wide variety of themes for mobile games. We can see that there are dozens of different games that can be done under the theme of sports and games that can be done under the theme of rope. Number one on the list is about 2 times more popular than the average of all the other themes researched.

Another study in the report published by CrazyLabs was done on the most popular subspecies. Runner games are the most popular sub-genre among the genres that share the game market, while the genres with the least share are idle-action and story games.

The market share ranking of the subgenres is as follows:

  • Runner – %40
  • Arcade – %30,8
  • Action – %15,3
  • Puzzle – %5,2
  • Simulation – %3,6
  • Idle – %1,3
  • Idle-action – %0,8
  • Narative – %0,8
Runner is by far the most popular subgenre.

It should be noted that the report covers the mobile game market. For mobile games, “quick entertainment” genres seem to be more advantageous than games with stories.

Nowadays, there are many mechanics available in mobile games, according to developer preferences. The report also includes a study on which mechanics developers and players prefer the most. The most popular game mechanic, according to CrazyLabs, is swerving.

The numerical values for the most popular game mechanics are as follows:

  • Swerving – %40,8
  • Dragging – %29,8
  • Tapping – %9,2
  • Tapping and Holding – %6,5
  • Aiming – %5,9
  • Tapping and Timing – %3,4
  • Drawing – %1,7
  • Typing – %1,3
In some games, mechanics are used in combination to provide variety.

Some of these mechanics are found in mobile games in combination. In general terms, mechanics with different functions of each other can come to life in different ways according to the type of games and provide diversity.

Data on graphics

The report evaluates the games on many different visual topics. As a result of these evaluations, the most popular technique in terms of camera angle is top-down with 22.5%, followed by isometric games with 20.8%.

Top-down and isometric camera angles top this month’s report.

On the other hand, the data on the gamer’s perspective states that the most preferred style is the third-person perspective, with a size of 85%. The remaining 15% is recorded as a first-person perspective. At the same time, it is stated in the October report that most 3D games put significant pressure on 2D games with a massive leadership of 97%.

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