More than half of mobile games are negatively impacted by privacy protocols says Bango

Bango says digital advertising for mobile games and apps has significantly suffered after IDFA and privacy regulations.
Bango App-ocalypse
Bango: “Digital advertising is collapsing.”

Data analysis platform Bango conducted research with the participation of 300 game developers from the USA and UK. The results show that game and app developers are uncomfortable with digital advertising.

The company named its report App-ocalypse. 27% of developers surveyed said they would remove existing products from stores due to Apple’s IDFA protocol, ATT, Google’s latest privacy regulation, and various government sanctions.

Recently, users have emphasized the importance of privacy and privacy. This situation pushes giant publishers such as Apple and Google, as well as some states, to make regulations regarding privacy. Advertisers now have a hard time targeting correctly and developing a marketing strategy. It is much more difficult to access user data now.

63% of mobile games affected by ‘App-ocalypse’

The vast majority of developers participating in the Bango research say that the new privacy protocols are taking a toll on their business.

65% of respondents think that Google’s removal of third-party cookies will cause difficulties for developers to acquire new paying users. 62% say the same is true for IDFA.

Advertisers won’t be able to advertise correctly targeted due to privacy protocols. The success of the ads that directly appeal to the relevant audience is higher than the others. Now that advantage will disappear, developers will use more general marketing strategies. This will increase advertising costs considerably and make it much more difficult to acquire new users.

According to Bango, these privacy protocols negatively impacted 63% of mobile games. Mobile games, which generate significant users and revenues thanks to advertisements, are having tough times.

On the other hand, mobile games as well as apps are in trouble:

  • 71% of Education apps
  • 69% of Entertainment -non-game- apps
  • 67% of Productivity apps
  • %66 of Financial apps
  • 58% of Lifestyle apps were negatively impacted by privacy protocols.

Also, 62% of developers say they “have no idea” what to do about acquiring new users. The privacy wind seems to usher in a new era for mobile advertising.

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