89% of gamers in India prefer PC games to mobile games

HP India has released its 2021 Gaming Landscape Report.
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HP India presented its 2021 Gaming Landscape Report, which is prepared with 1,500 participants for the months of March to April.

HP India has released its 2021 Gaming Industry Report, in which 89 percent of the respondents revealed that PC games are more preferred than mobile games and the popularity rate is also higher. At the same time, the report states that four out of ten mobile gamers want to switch to a PC for a much better gaming experience.

The report claims that the preference to switch to PCs for gaming was driven by millennials and generation Z. He states that the main reason for his preference is that PCs provide better processing speed, video, and sound.

The gaming industry is considered to be a viable career option

The report states that more than 90 percent of respondents agree that the gaming industry is a viable career option. While 84 percent of all female respondents would like to play games as a career, only 80 percent of male respondents see it as a good career option. Accordingly, the report states that Gen Z, women from West India, and participating women from Tier 2 towns have a high affinity for gaming as a career.

92% of respondents play games to relieve stress


HP India claims that PC games act as a stress reliever for men and also as a means of connecting with friends and family. 92 percent of respondents said the game helps relieve pressure and stress. They also noted that the game helps to evoke positive emotions.

91 percent of those surveyed said that the game promoted better socialization at the peer level and that the game increased their level of attention and concentration. Ketan Patel, General Manager of HP India Market, made the following statements:

“As people spend more time at home, the gaming industry has seen a significant rise in popularity as consumers seek to find new ways to have fun, de-stress and socialize. In this scenario, PC has emerged as the device of choice, providing the most immersive gaming experience. The move from mobile phones to PCs by gamers clearly represents a huge business opportunity for HP. Gaming is among the fastest-growing segments in our PC portfolio and we look forward to continuing this momentum and cementing our position as the leading PC gaming brand in India.”

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