My Talking Tom Friends crosses 22M downloads in 6 days!

by Ragid Hallak
My Talking Tom Friends

Outfit7 is known for its Talking Tom and the company’s games have been downloaded more than 13 billion times. Also, 410 million players play their games each month. Recently, Outfit7 released My Talking Tom Friends on Google Play and The App Store. According to a new press release, the game is already successful and has exceeded 22 million downloads to date. The latest game in the virtual pet series has many beloved characters in it such as Angela, Hand, Ginger, Ben, and Becca. Fans around the world were eager to play with all the characters based on the reviews and downloads.

My Talking Tom Friends broke a record in Outfit7 history

In its first week, My Talking Tom Friends reached fourteen million downloads and it got eight more million from its soft launch. This number made it a record-breaking release for the multinational entertainment company. According to Outfit7, the game ranked 1on the free Android and iOS charts of 40 countries within five days of its worldwide launch. In the United States, Tom and his friends were in the top 5 games for iPhone, iPad, and Google Play. At the bottom, you can watch the launch trailer which has almost 5 million views by the time of writing.

My Talking Tom FriendsXinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7 said the following about the milestone in the press release:

It’s great to see how many fans worldwide have already embraced the opportunity to join their favorite friends in My Talking Tom Friends. The team at Outfit7 has created something really special. I’m incredibly proud of them and everything they’ve achieved with this groundbreaking new game.

Critics also liked it

Mobile game critics liked the virtual pet game too. Pocket Tactics said that it is a “highly-polished experience that’s charming.., with loads of attention to detail”. If it caught your eyes, you can try it yourself by clicking here.

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