N3TWORK Studios raises $46M to make quality Web3 games

Blockchain video game developer N3TWORK Studios secured $46 million in a funding round led by Griffin Gaming Partners.
The logo of N3TWORK Studios
N3TWORK Studios will release two crypto-native games.

Blockchain video games developer N3TWORK Studios successfully managed to raise $46 million in a Series A funding round which was led by Griffin Gaming Partners. The studio is partnering with Forte —a leading blockchain tech solutions company— and will release two crypto-native games dubbed “Legendary: Heroes Unchained” and “Triumph” with the funding they’ve received.

The financing round saw participants from Kleiner Perkins, Galaxy Interactive, KIP, Floodgate, and LLL Capital. Griffin Gaming Partners’ Peter Levin will also join the board of directors as part of the deal, per the official press release coming from N3TWORK.

In the before-mentioned press release, Matt Ricchetti, the president of N3TWORK Studios said:

“We’re a group of passionate veteran game makers who see a generational opportunity to leverage our expertise building and operating free-to-play games to create authentic web3 experiences that can reach audiences of millions of players. We believe in a future where game economies are more open and players own the assets they earn and purchase. Reaching that future will require both expanding the core crypto gaming audience and demonstrating to the massive mobile free-to-play audience that web3 is a clear value-add to their gaming experience.”

Peter Levin, who joined the board of directors and is also the managing director of Griffin Gaming Partners also commented:

“Web3 is a paradigm shift and will be a massive games market expander. Mobile games and free-to-play reshaped the gaming landscape years ago, and the imaginative minds who led that shift are best positioned to apply the innovative thinking necessary to change the way we play again. N3TWORK Studios has the proven track record and knowledge base to fully realize this potential.”

N3TWORK Studios was launched in January 2022, the developer is a relatively newly formed gaming studio with a mission to create experiences in, on, and around the blockchain. The N3TWORK team is made up of more than 60 people, who’re all industry veterans, having worked for major players in the industry such as EA, Kabam, Zynga, WB, and Disney.

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