Nazara Technologies will accelerate the industry by acquiring the majority stake in Publishme

The preliminary contract has been signed, it’s time for investment talks.
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Publishme‘s successful projects in Turkey and the MENA region attracted the attention of the Indian-based gaming and sports media platform Nazara Technologies, and they announced that they have signed a preliminary contract and started investment negotiations in the near future.

According to the agreement, Nazara Technologies will own 69.82% of Publishme. With this agreement with Publishme, Nazara Technologies aims to increase its activities in the MENA region and achieve success with brand new projects. The agreement marks Nazara’s specialization in areas such as freemium, gamified learning, and esports.

MENA region is like a gold mine for the gaming industry

Özgür Özalp, CEO of Publishme, said the following about this agreement:

“We are delighted to join Nazara and to lead the company’s goals in the MENA region. MENA is one of its fastest-growing markets with estimated market size of $4.8 billion and over 160 million players. Our partnership with Nazara is uniquely challenging to sustain the growth of the gaming industry in the region. The network will offer global reach and local services.”

Nitish Mittersain, Founder and Managing Director of Nazara Technologies commented:

“MENA is an important geography for us and this acquisition will help us position ourselves as a key player in the region. We are excited that Publishme, especially esteemed Özgür Özalp, will share their experiences in the MENA region with us and join the ‘Friends of Nazara’ network.”

The Friends of Nazara network, which owns the majority stake in Nazara, consists of established game companies that it actively works with its current founders and management teams. These companies include Nodwin Gaming, SportsKeeda, and Paper Boat Apps.

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