Netflix adds more games, including Riot Games’ “Hextech Mayhem”

The rapid expansion of Netflix mobile game library doesn’t seem to slow down.
It seems like we will have more news about new games Netflix mobile game library.

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and the news of Netflix adding new games to its library. Their expansion of the mobile game library is only accelerating. 

After last week’s announcement, Netflix announces two new games: Riot Games’ Hextech Mayhem and Hyper Hippo’s Dungeon Dwarves. Hextech Mayhem, a League of Legends Story, is a rhythm runner, and Dungeon Dwarves is an idle game. Hextech Mayhem is available on other platforms.

The company’s apps on iOS and Android will direct Netflix users to the new titles.

During its recent Q4 earnings call, Netflix explained that these initial gaming launches are about testing the waters to determine their customer base demands. In the call, COO and CPO Greg Peters said the following:

“It’s tremendously exciting to get to this point because we basically have been building the plumbing and all the technical infrastructure just to get to the point where we can do this, which is consistently launching games globally to all of our members. We’re now really getting to learn from all those games what are the discovery patterns, what are the engagement patterns, how are they performing, what do our members want from games on the service.”

Greg Peters, Netflix’s COO and Chief Product Officer.

Since late last year, Netflix had built out its gaming service when it debuted its initial roster. Since then, it has rapidly expanded its library. In Greg Peters’ words, “I think you’ll see some of that happen over the year to come.”

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