Netflix announces three new games

One of those games is “coming soon.”
netflix two new games
The library of Netflix keeps expanding.

Netflix announced it is adding three new games to its mobile gaming platform, one being on the way. The other two are currently available.

The first game of two is This is a True Story, an educational RPG. With the contributions of Charity: Water, Frosty Pop developed this story-oriented game that focuses on a woman from Africa and her struggle to find water for her family. The game is based on the lived experiences of people from Sub-Saharan African countries, which were subject to a series of interviews held by Charity: Water.

The second game is Shatter, the remaster of the game published for Playstation 3. This game is a brick-breaker game with some additions and improvements.

The third game is called Into the Dead 2: Unleashed, and it is yet to come on the digital shelves. Initially released in 2017, this is a “runner/shooter hybrid,” where players shoot down the undead and run.

Since late last year, Netflix had built out its gaming service when it debuted its initial roster. Since then, it has rapidly expanded its library. In Netflix’s COO and Chief Product Officer Greg Peter’s words, “I think you’ll see some of that happen over the year to come.”

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