Netflix’s mobile games hit 13 million downloads worldwide

According to Sensor Tower data, Stranger Things 1984 is Netflix’s most downloaded mobile game.
Netflix mobil oyunları 13 milyon indirmeye ulaştı
Games published by Netflix reached 13 million downloads in total.

According to information from Sensor Tower, mobile games published by Netflix have reached more than 13 million downloads worldwide.

Looking at the App Store and Google Play data, it is seen that the most popular game published by Netflix is Stranger Things 1984, which received 2 million downloads. Netflix Asphalt Extreme is second with 1.8 million downloads, while Stranger Things 3: The Game is third with 1.5 million downloads.

Netflix games global downloads by month
Downloads of games published by Netflix by month

The company has reached an average of 1 million downloads per month since stepping into the playground. The company had the most downloads in December 2021, with 2.3 million. In May 2022, the number of downloads reached 1.4 million.

Stranger things mobile game downloads may june 2022
The impact of Stranger Things seasons four on mobile game downloads

As it is known, Netflix implements a strategy using its IPs in the gaming space. Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game, among the most popular games, experienced an increase in downloads with the fourth season of the series, which was published in the past weeks. While Stranger Things 1984 had a 2.6-fold increase in downloads, the rise in Stranger Things 3: The Game reached up to 3-fold.

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