Netmarble unveils future metaverse and NFT projects

Netmarble announced that it is preparing to enter the blockchain space with its upcoming games.
Netmarble NFT Blockchain
Netmarble announced the new projects that they will reveal in the future.

South Korea-based mobile game company Netmarble has announced that it is preparing to enter the metaverse and blockchain space with some of its upcoming games. As reported by Forbes, Netmarble president, and founder Bang Jun-hyuk announced at a press conference that 70 percent of the company is preparing to launch 20 games that will use blockchain technology.

Netmarble will first integrate blockchain technology into RPG A3: Still, Alive in March this year, allowing players to monetize in-game assets like guns. A3: Still Alive will be Netmarble’s first play-to-earn game.

A large audience expects another upcoming game: Metaworld will focus on the metaverse and virtual real estate, allowing users to purchase virtual lands to take any action they want, such as advertising or holding events, as seen in similar games.

Since play-to-earn games are banned in South Korea, most upcoming games are planned to be marketed abroad.

Earlier this month, Netmarble announced the launch of its CO2 emissions management company, ESG Management Council, to reduce annual CO2 production. Due to the amount of energy expended in various processes, such as mining the cryptocurrencies used to purchase and exchange NFTs, the entire process related to NFTs has come under criticism for its high emissions.

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